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Rol-J Williams

Radio Host, Co-Founder

Hello there! Q: Who is Rol-J? A: I am a tertian at the University of St Andrews, originally from the island of Nevis in the Caribbean. Beyond academics, I was adjudged the local winner of the 2014 Tourism Youth Congress where I attained the title of Junior Minister of Tourism. Hello there! . I am a lover of Calypso and Soca and I recently featured as a judge for the Junior Kaiso Monarch in Nevis! If you ask John, he’ll tell you that je parle le Français aussi!

Email me: rjjew1@st-andrews.ac.uk

John Jennings

Radio Host, Co-Founder, Editor

Hi there! I am John I am one of two hosts on PERSONALITY. I am a 2nd year student reading Sustainable Development. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri but unlike many other kids, in the small city of ~2 million, I was born to European mother. I’ve lived in the small kingdom of Belgium since age 7. I am now a cosmopolitan traveler. One of the things I like best, is a night out with friends in Brussels, what a city! I was part of a three piece impov/rock band Combusting Leprechaun, as well as pop band Haven and the school Jazz Band. I have a large pallet of interests including foreign affairs, nature, the arts, and spirituality.

Email me: jpj2@st-andrews.ac.uk

Liber DeLazzari

Creative & Connoisseur, Contributor

Why hello there! The name is Liber DeLazzari. I am a vicious polymathic expressionist pirate currently residing in the cloudy oasis of the pacific Northwest of the USA. Living in my beautiful Fairhaven, WA home obsessively consuming and creating all the art one can muster. I am preparing to release my 9th indie album and showcase my second art show. I am excited to share my love letters, lukewarm reviews and hate mail to those crazy to partake in creation.

Email me: Liber_DeLazzari@msn.com



Ex: Fashionista, Insta-expert, Feminist, Contributor

At just 1m60, as a PetiteBoss, I am on a journey of self-love, trying to find myself in this big crazy world. A fashion addict, feminist and a lover of anything pink and sparkly is just a couple words to describe me. I am a girl with big dreams, currently based as a student in The Netherlands studying law and , psychology with a minor in gender studies. Since I could walk, I have been strutting around in heels, travelling to some of the most glamorous fashion cities in the world and becoming what many would call, a fashion addict. I have always been a creative and artistic person, passionate about dance, music and theatre and in the last couple years have become a lipstick feminist. I am excited to be part of such a wonderful community and to be able to spread my wisdom and knowledge with you all! Don’t hesitate to contact me via my email, social medias @AltchiAltchi or use the hashtag #Lapetiteboss!

Email me: lapetitebossblog@gmail.com

Miles H.

Contributor (The Miles Files)

My name is Miles and I am an American high school student leaving in Brussels, Belgium. Before arriving in Brussels, I lived in New York City, Washington D.C., and Moscow, Russia. I speak English, Russian, Spanish, and French fluently and I am struggling to learn German. My childhood dream was to be the ace starting pitcher for the New York Mets who spent his offseason touring the world with a famous punk rock band, but now I hope to pursue journalism later on. For now, I am very excited to be contributing articles to PERSONALITY.

Tweet me: @MHerszenhorn

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