Feminism-Let’s talk about it

Feminism-what is it? Now, I know what most of you are all thinking. I know what a feminist is, they are tomboys, with short hair who hate men. Or maybe you are thinking, it’s those extremists that parade shirtless in the streets, marching for their right to “free the nipple.” Or maybe you believe that they are a group of individuals, purely fighting for their rights, their right to vote, to have equal access to education, to not be discriminated based on their sex in the workplace and to be able to walk the streets at night without being harrased. 

There are so many different definitions of what people believe is feminism. Back in the 1900’s we had WKKK (Women of the Ku Klux Klan) who yes, were racists and anti-catholics, however did fight for white protestant women’s right to be seen as equal to their white, protestant male counterparts. Would they be considered feminists? Or what about the concept of White Feminism? They fight for women’s equal right while at the same time oprressing non-white women, but are they still feminists? Or what about the organization one million moms, who fight to have their voices heard and to end the exploitation of children by the media, yet boycotted Toy Story 3 due to a scene that hinted support for the LGBTQ+ community. Feminists or homophobes? I could go on because there are so many different definitions but arguably so, they are feminists. I say this with care because they are not the feminist definitions that I agree with but it cannot be denied that down to the core, they are fighting for their right as women and to not be discriminated based on gender. 

Photo credits to: 5 Misconceptions about Feminism– Her Campus.com

 Now let’s take a road down memory lane. Back in my senior year of high school, I was persuaded into becoming the co-president of the feminist society. Even though I already considered myself a feminist, I had never seen myself as someone who could lead a society. Being a relative timid person, this was a huge step, but looking back it was a great experience and I learned a lot from it. There was one thing in particular that I will never forget. During the fair in which I was doing my best to recruit members to join the society, I noticed that about 90% of the people who came to visit our booth, were female. The other 10% were boys, the majority who laughed and walked away. I couldn’t understand why. Were the boys against equality? Then this one 9th grade boy came up to me and asked the question I will never forget. “Do you guys like hate on men?” …I think I could have exploded. So, let’s make one thing clear once and for all. No, feminists DO NOT hate men. We want to be seen equal to men. We want to be treated equally and to be seen as humans. Not as objects or pieces of meat who can be harassed, subordinated and ignored. We want to be treated with respect and dignity. That is what feminism is all about. It’s not about hating on men and overpowering them but it’s this fight to prove that we are worthy and that it is our human right to be treated as humans.  

People’s definitions of what feminism entails will differ because we all have different goals of what we want. Me for example, I want to show that I can be a feminist without having to make riots, without having to hide my body and that my definition of feminism is defined by however I want to define it. I consider myself, a lisptick feminist. I only recently came across this term through a friend who called me that and it perfectly describes me. I am a fashion victim and a makeup addict who happens to be a feminist. I was shocked when my own father once said “ how can you be a feminist if you like makeup and clothes?”( sorry dad, throwing you under the bus here but I know that in your heart your a feminist too). So yes, I am girly and happen to conform to my genders stereotype in many ways, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am a feminist and that I fight for the rights for girls to have equal oppertunities so that they can grow up feeling like they can be whoever they want to be and can achieve their dreams. My definition of feminism doesn’t just end with gender though.I also believe that as a feminist I don’t just believe in equality when it comes to gender, but also in equality when it comes to race, religion, sexual orientation and so forth. As a lipstick feminist, I believe in equality for all human beings. 

“As a lipstick feminist, I believe in equality for all human beings.”

I am not afraid to call myself a feminist because I believe that I shouldn’t be judged about who I am, purely based on the gender that was assigned to me. So what is your definition of feminism? Comment down below or use the hashtag #lapetiteboss with your definition of feminism.  

Our New Series DEBUT! ‘15 Minutes With…’ Luca Girotti

Hey everyone! Personality is back on the air tomorrow! We are experimenting with a new way of delivering the show to our viewers in a series we call: “15 Minutes With…” We look forward to our interview with an old friend and man of action Luca Girotti! A Bruce Wayne aspirant, this will make foe a very interesting 15mins! Please make sure his bio here below!

John Lewis – an American hero

Yes, John Lewis was an American hero. But John Lewis was actually so much more than that. He was the greatest American to ever live.

            That is not to say that the Founding Fathers weren’t patriots or that Abraham Lincoln didn’t love the USA, but no one loved and believed in our country the way John Lewis did.

            John Lewis started to participate in the Civil Rights Movement when he was still a college student. While he practiced non-violence as one of the 13 original Freedom Riders, he was brutalized and arrested in states across the country by white supremacists and the police. South Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama where he was beaten and left for dead are just a few of the states where Lewis’s non-violence was greeted with brutality. However, Rep. John Lewis never gave up. He pressed on determined to achieve change and make a difference.

            In 1963, having been elected chairman of the SNCC at the young age of 23, he helped organized the March on Washington where Dr. Martin Luther King gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.  In 1964, while marching from Selma to Montgomery as part of a movement to register Black voters, Alabama State Troopers beat up praying protestors and fractured Rep. John Lewis’s skull.

            The abuse Lewis faced as a Black American fighting for equal rights in this country was constant. A fraction of that abuse would’ve made most people flee the country and never look back. But, Rep. John Lewis never gave up. He never gave up fighting for what he believed in. He never gave up fighting for the United States of America.

            In fact, not only did Lewis not give up on the United States of America, he served the country for over 33 years as a member of Congress. The same country that beat up and arrested Rep. Lewis in multiple states, the same country that more than once left him for dead bleeding when he tried to peacefully protest, that same country is the one he dedicated his life to serving.

            However, Rep. John Lewis didn’t change once he went into politics. As he said earlier this year in Selma, “Get in good trouble, necessary trouble, and help redeem the soul of America.” Rep. Lewis was arrested 40 times during the Civil Rights Movement and another 5 times while he was a sitting Congressman.

            John Lewis loved this country. John Lewis fought for the soul of this country. John Lewis lived for this country and John Lewis died for this country.

            We will never be able to thank him enough for everything that he has done, but we must do our best to honor his memory. Let us fight for what is right and get into a whole lot of good trouble.

“Get in good trouble, necessary trouble, and help redeem the soul of America”

– Rep. John Lewis

Racist statues need to go

The recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and now Rayshard Brooks, have ignited protests around the globe calling to end police brutality and systemic racism. With these protests have come petitions and demands to remove Confederate and colonial-era statues.

            The reality is that these statues are hurtful and hateful. When Confederate and colonial-era statues are displayed in public squares or in front of government buildings, they effectively celebrate racism and slavery. We must not forget: the Confederacy fought to preserve and protect slavery and white supremacy. It is, perhaps, the most shameful thing about the USA. Colonialism is a similar story. The exploitation of Africans at the hands of European colonizers is one of the darkest parts of European history.

            Now many agalmatophiles – those with statue kinks – are arguing that these statues are simply part of our history and removing them would be erasing history. I beg to differ. Statues and monuments don’t just display history, they go a step further. They celebrate it. Museums and history books are the guardians of the world’s history and they are not going anywhere. In fact, these racist statues need to be taken down and moved into museums where they can be kept in an environment that educates but doesn’t celebrate.

            You can remember shameful and sad parts of history without needing a statue. 9/11 is a huge American tragedy and Americans vow each September 11th, to #neverforget, and we shall not. However, we don’t have any statues of Osama bin-Laden in the United States and no one is concerned about that part of our history being “erased”. Just as there is no place for a statue of Osama bin-Laden in the USA, there is no place for one of Robert E. Lee.

The Confederate flag should not fly, just as the Nazi flag should not. It is extremely important to understand the symbolism behind it. Just as hurtful as it would be to members of the Jewish community to see someone waving the Nazi flag, the Confederate flag causes so much pain to so many African-Americans. If you wouldn’t raise the Nazi flag on your flag pole why would you fly the Confederate flag? They are equally bad.

“But where does it end?”, I have often heard people complain. “Today you are taking down Confederate statues, but then tomorrow you will be renaming Washington D.C. and redesigning the one dollar bill.” This last one seems to be an especially popular argument.

            Do you want to know what I say to all of you? Sure, let’s do it. I have no problem renaming Washington D.C. Do you want to know why?

            Black people were enslaved in the United States of America before it even was the United States of America. The USA then existed as a country for 89 years before the 13th Amendment “ended” slavery. But anyone with a basic knowledge of US history knows that it didn’t really end slavery. It would still be another 100 years before African-Americans were even given the right to vote with the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Still today, in 2020, black people all around the world have to say Black Lives Matter. Black people have been oppressed in North America for 400 years, so if renaming the nation’s capital does anything to help end the systemic racism that plagues the United States, I am all for it.

            Enough about the USA for now. Let’s switch our attention to Belgium and all those Leopold II statues. Spoiler alert: they also need to go.

            Belgian residents from the Democratic Republic of the Congo make up 0.6% of the entire Belgian population (­~ 70,000). Under the reign of Leopold II more than 10 million Congolese died and their blood is on Leopold II’s hands. In fact, it was when describing the conditions of Leopold II’s Congo Free State, that the term “crimes against humanity” was coined.

            Many people want to make the case that Leopold II was more than just a leader who was responsible for the most atrocious of human rights abuses, and I get that. But he was still responsible for the most atrocious of human rights abuses and that is reason enough to never celebrate that man with a statue. Ever.

            I admit that there are many things that I don’t understand. I fail to understand why some people are more concerned about preserving the statues of colonizers than they are about getting justice for victims of police brutality. I fail to understand why some people are more troubled by the theoretical criminalization of the Confederate flag than they are by the very real criminalization of black skin in the USA.

            Still, there is one thing I do understand, and that is that those who fought to keep people enslaved and those who oppressed and exploited Africans do not deserve to be celebrated. Their statues need to be removed immediately, so we can turn our attention to achieving the necessary structural change to finally end systemic racism.

— Miles Herszenhorn


Last Monday, on the 25th of May 2020, a black man was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The police officer knelt on the black man’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, ultimately murdering him for allegedly forging a 20 dollar bill which later turned out to be false. His name was George Floyd.  Unlike millions of others who experienced injustices because of their skin colour, his name will not be quickly forgotten by the world. George Floyd’s last words of “I can’t breathe” was the tipping point for millions whose ancestors before them were already gasping for air, stuck within a system, a society who wouldn’t let them breathe.  His pain resonated throughout America, and quickly spread throughout the whole world.

source: pinterest/jetsettimes.com

Black people are sick and tired of being stereotyped, suppressed and killed because of their skin colour, not just in America but everywhere in the world. George Floyd was one of many who was judged unfairly because of his skin colour and suffered the consequences of racism which is so deeply ingrained within global and especially Western history and society. The events of the past week have really opened my eyes to the injustices occurring around the world and how much still needs to change. 

George Floyd’s story personally impacted me and it made me realise how much more I could and should be doing. Being quarter black myself, I have often struggled with understanding my own identity. Whenever asked on documents for example what race I am, I never fully know what to answer because the box of mixed race is often missing. I would never answer black, yet answering white also doesn’t sit right, it feels as if I am hiding or suppressing a part of myself of which I am actually proud of. I embrace that part of myself, the history of my ancestors and my family. It reminds me of the awful things experienced by my ancestors who were taken from their homelands, sold as slaves and were forced to take on their slave masters surname, one that my grandfather and my dad still carry till this day. I am reminded of how powerful love can be when I hear the stories of my white grandmother who married my black grandfather despite the hate and prejudice they experienced, even being kicked out by her own family, yet till this day they are still together and happily married. 

During a conversation with one of my best friends, she asked me a question I was surprised to get asked, “ Did you ever experience racism?” I had to think about that one because I had never thought about it and no, I mean I had been teased before about my nose being bigger than ‘white’ noses, but otherwise I believe I have always passed as white. And that of course is a whole problem in itself. When I told her this, she was glad that I had never experienced it but added that no one should have to pass as white to not suffer discrimination. Because of my skin colour, I have always had white privilege. I have never been harassed, stereotyped, or judged because of my skin colour and the system in which I was born into has given me the opportunity to go to a good school, to go to college, and to hopefully in the future have a good job. Just because I pass as white.

I asked on my instagram for people to send me their opinions cocnerning #BLM and white privilige and one of my friends responded with the fact that white people need to get a better understanding of what white privilege is. She explained that she, like so many other white people, do not know what white privilege entails and how the system works in their favour. White people often feel like they do not have the right to say something because they aren’t black but to all my white readers, your wrong. You are the ones who are in fact in a position of power where you can help enforce a change so black people can get the same opportunities and respect as white people do. What all of us need to do, including myself, is educate ourselves on white privilege and how we can help those who do not have it. The image below I believe well explains what white privilige is and why it differs to other types of priviliges.

source: pinterest/jasnmyblog.blogspot.com

So for all my fellow Caucasian readers or those who ‘pass’ as white, here are some things you can do to educate yourself because its simple:

  1. We all spends hours on social media so while your scrolling instagram or twitter, checkout the hashtag #blacklivesmatter, as it is filled with posts and tweets that inform you about white privilege, ongoing petitions and donation platforms. 
  2. Follow black artists, activists and influencers who regularly post concerning #blacklivesmatter issues ( ex. @Violadavis,@osopepatrrisse,@mspackyetti, @laylafsaad)
  3. Check out websites such as blacklivesmatter (or their instagram) to keep updated on how you can help.
  4. Read books ( some of the previous mentioned instagram accounts are writers) or watch films and series. Netflix contains a lot of series, movies and documentaries. ( ex. 13th, Dear white people, When they see us) based on issues surrounding racism and white privilege. I would also recommend academy award winning director, Spike Lee who has directed a lot of films surrounding these issues.
  5. Little self promo but on my account @altchialtchi I have also been vocal surrounding the #blacklivesmatter and will continue to post information, movie and book suggestions etc. You can already checkout my story highlight, BLM, with posts posted from the past week.  
  6. Lastly, after you have educated yourself, when you see or hear racism, speak up. You have a voice, so use it. Donate, sign petitions, protest, teach others and take on the difficult conversation with people who do not see or believe in white privilige or racism. Only if we all learn and fight can we have change.

   In the end, what does it matter whether I am white, black, brown or anything in between? I bleed like any other, I have feelings and a heart just like any other, if you strip away my skin, I am flesh and bone, just like any other. I am Human. We all deserve respect and love and to be treated like a human being, whether we are black or white, christian or muslim, gay or straight, female or male. We are all human.

I want to hear your stories and opinions surrounding the #BLM movement. Dm me at @altchialtchi and you can ask me questions, give suggestions or simply have a conversation so we can all learn from one another. You can also comment down below or contact me via my email, lapetitebossblog@gmail.com.

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Racist statues need to go

The recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and now Rayshard Brooks, have ignited protests around the globe calling to end police brutality and systemic racism. With these protests have come petitions and demands to remove Confederate and colonial-era statues.             The reality is that these statues are hurtful and hateful. When Confederate …

Why I will be voting for Joe Biden in November

Just in case some of you didn’t already know, I will be voting for former Vice President Joe Biden in this year’s US Presidential Election. I know, but before you all start to roll your eyes, please hear me out. I know that many readers aren’t Americans and won’t be voting in this election. Unfortunately, the decision to choose who next American President will be has far-reaching effects that will concern all of us.

             I have heard many people say that they will not vote for Joe Biden, and not just from Trump supporters. In fact, the fans of Bernie Sanders are the ones I hear the most frequently vow to never vote for Joe Biden. That is a dreadful error in my opinion. I will try to explain why I believe that is such a grave mistake by highlighting the huge differences between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on numerous political issues.

            However, I would first like to make it clear that despite my intention to vote for former Vice President Biden, I did not support him from the get-go. There was actually a moment during the Democratic primary when Joe Biden wasn’t just not my top choice, but he wasn’t my second top choice, nor my third or even my fourth. Full disclosure, Joe Biden is very far from perfect.

            I’d like to start by talking about some of Biden’s egregious behavior. While he was a great US Senator for most of his 30+ years on Capitol Hill, the 1994 Crime Bill that Biden wrote was a disaster. It resulted in mass incarceration and terrible prison overcrowding. That piece of legislation is part of the reason why a disproportionate number of minorities ended up behind bars. Joe Biden also voted to authorize the Iraq War, another decision of his that I think was a big mistake. And worst of all, Biden has also been accused by numerous women that he inappropriately touched them. He has even been accused of sexual assault by a former staffer named Tara Reade. While the Tara Reade allegation has not been proven, I do believe her. There is also no doubt that Joe Biden has been disgustingly tactile in the past. To just say that it is gross would be an understatement.

            So, believe me, I am very well aware that Joe Biden is deeply flawed in many ways. He is not the type of person I would let babysit my bother. Yet, even after taking into account all of his bad behavior and decisions, he is still the person I will be voting for. The reason why I am will do that is because the election is not Biden’s particular judgement. Biden is a Catholic, so the judging of his soul is his Maker’s job, not mine. As a voter, I have to choose the person that I believe will make the best President, and the alternative to Joe Biden is far inferior.

            The current US President, Donald J. Trump, is so insanely far worse than Joe Biden that it is terrifying. I wouldn’t blame you if you are a bit skeptical. Can Donald Trump really be so terrible that he makes Joe Biden seem like a saint? The answer, sadly, is yes.

            For starters, let me also give Joe Biden some credit where credit is due. He is extremely strong on gun control and has made it one of his campaign’s priorities to end the gun violence epidemic in the United States. In fact, Biden has promised to do more to end gun violence than Bernie Sanders, one of the Democratic candidates that I preferred over him. On the other hand, in the 2016 election, Donald Trump’s campaign received 30 million blood-stained dollars from the National Rifle Association. A country that sees 100 of its citizens on average die every day from gun violence desperately needs a President that will work to end that crisis. The United States needs Joe Biden. What we don’t need is 4 more years of Donald Trump to continue to accept NRA money, even though the deadliest mass shooting ever occurred during his Presidency. That is reason number one.

            Reason number two is health care. We are still dealing with the global coronavirus pandemic. It has been rough for all of us, but for many Americans it has been unimaginably harder than it has been for many Europeans. Unlike us in Belgium, many Americans don’t have health care, or they do, but their health care is inadequate and doesn’t cover everything that they need. One American in that situation is my aunt. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago and because of her diagnosis, she switched her health care plan which she pays for out of her own pocket, because she is self-employed. Switching her plan after the diagnosis resulted in her having to pay an extremely high premium. However, due to the disastrous American health care system her plan still doesn’t cover her cancer treatments! Can you believe that? That means that on top of what my aunt pays for her health care, she also pays for her cancer treatment out of her own pocket which has caused her to rack up thousands of dollars in medical bills. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t even end there. As a result of COVID-19, my aunt’s hospital stopped her cancer treatments. That didn’t happen here in Belgium! My aunt was left in a state of limbo, not knowing if her cancer had spread or if the treatments were working. Health care is not just a personal issue for me, but for millions of Americans.

            When Joe Biden was Vice President under Obama, he helped pass the Affordable Care Act, which was the most important American health care legislation since 1965. To paraphrase what Biden himself said to Barack Obama about the ACA, it was a big freaking deal.

Now, the Affordable Care Act is not perfect. It doesn’t cover everybody and for some, health care is still too expensive. Joe Biden recognizes that and has made it another campaign priority to further improve the health care system, so that it covers even more people. Personally, I support Medicare for All which was Bernie’s position, but at the end of the day both Biden and Bernie have the goal of making sure that more Americans have health insurance. Donald Trump wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, and replace it with nothing. The current President’s position results in less Americans having health care and it is simply not an acceptable stance.

            Another reason why we need to replace Donald Trump with Joe Biden in the White House, is because Trump is a threat to basic human rights whereas Joe Biden is a defender of them. Donald Trump has made it clear that he will nominate judges to the Supreme Court who would support overturning the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, which was the Supreme Court case that guaranteed the right to same-sex marriage throughout the county. President Trump has also used his time in office to ban transgender people from serving in the military. Joe Biden has promised to overturn that, writing on his campaign website that, “every American who is qualified to serve in our military should be able to do so—regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and without having to hide who they are.” We need a president that will defend LGBTQ+ rights. We need our next president to be named Joe Biden.

            These are just three of the countless reasons why Joe Biden will make a far better president than Donald Trump. There are so many more reasons that I just don’t have time to write about. Abortion, criminal justice reform, and campaign finance reform are all other very important issues that Biden is far stronger on compared to Donald Trump. That is why when I get to exercise my right to vote for the first time on November 3rd, 2020, I will be voting for former Vice President and future President, Joe Biden.

Marooned – The Lockdown

We’re back for our second installment of Marooned! Today I plan to tell the tale of the islands experience amongst the growing pandemic.

Following the return of many Manx residents to the Isle of Man it was proved that even quite a remote place such as ours would not be spared from the effects of Covid-19. Soon a handful of cases began to emerge posing a serious threat to the elderly population. Furthermore this risk was compounded by the limited hospital capacity inherent on a small island. During normal times many of the most serious illnesses require transfering to Liverpool for treatment. However, with the implementation of Emergency powers the unimaginable act of a total border closure was introduced in order to prevent spread from the UK and Ireland. This decision left some residents stranded abroad, effectively cancelled the 2020 Isle of Man TT and reflected the seriousness of the threat posed by the pandemic. There were the odd exemption to the border closure such as essential workers for the islands functioning but the measure had a more symbolic meaning – that we are in this together and as an Island must come together. This notion was repeated at the daily press conferences now being held by the Isle of Man Chief Minister who slowly took on celebrity like status. Nonetheless, community transmission persisted on the Isle of Man neccesitating a lockdown in parallel to that seen across the UK. The situation appeared bleak but through a strict adherance to the lockdown the tide slowly turned and the number of cases failed to reach anywhere near the projections issued by the government. As for most this period which lasted roughly six weeks was by far the toughest of the coronavirus saga yet. The daily excercise would provide a limited opportunity to unwind but the desire to meet people again in person became greater by the day. Nonetheless, with the situation improving and the number of active cases on a steep downwards trajectory there was significant reason for optimism!

Keep your eye out for the next installment of Marooned coming soon!


The Coronavirus pandemic has affected us all, its changed the way we live our lives and has even given rise to this blog! Those of you who know me are no doubt wondering what I am doing writing a blog – I am too (who knows it could end as badly as my stand up comedy career). However, as we have all returned home and sought to shut the outside world out its important that we stay in touch and use this ‘new normal’ as an opportunity to learn about the world outside our own bubble. To that extent, at the request of my good friends at Personality, I have set the task of telling the story of coronavirus on the Isle of Man. As a small and self governing island juridstiction there have been unique challenges and solutions which can and have resulted in an extreme isolation – Hence the title Marooned. With each post I hope to convey something new about life under coronavirus, a life that at times may seem similair to those on the ‘mainland’ but that is equally so different. I sincerely hope that you find the stories to follow enjoyable!

But to begin we must treck back to the time when we were all at University. Yes there were rumblings of potential disruption as we departed for spring break but the lightening fast pace of developments caught many of us off guard, myself included. Having flown home on the lastday before spring break I found myself in a state of limbo. All my possesions in addition to my car were still in Scotland as it became increasingly obvious that there would be no more spring term. As such, just two days after returning the decision was made that I should return to St Andrews collect all my things and come back to the relative safe haven of the Isle of Man. Events quickly took on an added impetus however once the Isle of Man government annoucned a mandatory fourteen day quarantine for all arrivals, an act that would promptly be followed by a complete closure of the borders altogether. Hence, as I boarded the rather small twin propeller Loganair flight back to Edinburgh I knew I was in for a long 24 hours. Having landed and arriving back in St Andrews by 9pm I set about the task of packing all my belongings. It quickly dawned that this peculiar monday night was to be my last in my current house and also my last in St Andrews for months at best. As many students learnt our normal was quite rapidly shattered, in the previous seven days there had been cup finals, pub football and AGM’s (or OGM’s as I think they are better known). Nonetheless after a frantic night of packing and little to no sleep I started the day long drive home, energy drink in hand of course. As I traversed the Queensferry crossing and later left Scotland altogether it was difficult to not feel unnerved. I still don’t know when i’ll next get to relive those sights. Eventually however, Heysham port was reached and the Manx freight ferry the Ben-My-Chree came into sight. A long held icon of pride for Manx people it today took on extra meaning as a refuge. Of course however the four hour crossing was not as kind. Choppy seas and a crowded ferry made for one of the most uncomfortable journeys I can remember. Regardless though she eventually docked at Douglas harbour and I was back. Not an average 24 hours but then again nothing has been normal for a long while. Still an all-nighter is an all-nighter and university wouldn’t be the same without them – guess this was just a rather unusual one!

Keep Smilin’

Yes, I know. This whole situation SUCKS. You probably had so many plans and goals that you wanted to achieve and now your stuck at home.You think of all the things you could have been doing, attending events and parties, working, attending class, meeting friends and family, going to the park and picnicking, shopping, etc. Reality is that if this is what you’re thinking and complaining about, your lucky. If I’m completely honest, I am this person who is complaining while I really shouldn’t be. In this moment in time I should simply be happy with the fact that I am blessed to be healthy, that my family is healthy and that I do not need to be worried financially. 

I am however also aware that for millions this is not the case. COVID-19 is destroying so many lives whether this is through death, financial struggles or mental and physical health. I am aware that for some, home is not safer than going outside and that many are in situations of which they feel they cannot escape. For those people, stay strong, stay positive and remember that everything will be alright in the end.  I know that it is even a privilege to think like that but I truly believe that one must stay hopeful and to keep smiling because that is really all we can do in this moment time. It is important to keep going on with your life as much as possible, do not break the routines you have built. Go outside if you can ( make sure to keep your distance from others) or sit in the garden, balcony or at your window. Do a workout, try a new recipe, dance ( check out b-better.org for free live dance classes), sing and laugh. Get TikTok ( I know, probably bad advice but it truly helps pass the time and can make you smile). If your with your family, spend time with them and remember how precious they are. Get creative, write, paint, read or learn a new skill. For those who do not know coursera.com check it out, you can follow classes from top universities for free and for a fee get a certificate, so never stop learning and educating yourself.  

What ever you do, don’t sit around the house moping, do something. We all have off days where all we want to do is watch Netflix, which is completely fine, but do not let yourself fall into the dip. For many this is easy to fall into, me included. Remember that for everything bad, there is an upside. Feeling lonely? FaceTime that friend you have always meant to call but never did. Feeling sad? Now is the time to start journalling and write the songs you always wanted to but never had the time for. Feeling stuck in a bad situation? Find help and know there is no shame in it. Feeling bored? Get creative. Feeling angry? I understand but think about all the good things that are happening. The planet for one is thriving at the moment, more respect is being given to jobs that have often been looked down upon like your postman and your supermarket cashier and remember, we are all in this together. In our separation, we in many ways are being brought together, to work together so we can fight this virus and return to normal life. Simply be happy that your alive and that we only have this one life. 

Keep Smilin’!!!

Lastly, I just want to thank all those who are working night and day, who continue to put their lives at risk. We thank you for your services so that we can live. 
Stay strong, stay hopeful, (stay home!) and keep smilin’!

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Last Monday, on the 25th of May 2020, a black man was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The police officer knelt on the black man’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, ultimately murdering him for allegedly forging a 20 dollar bill which later turned out to be false. His name …


The Coronavirus pandemic has affected us all, its changed the way we live our lives and has even given rise to this blog! Those of you who know me are no doubt wondering what I am doing writing a blog – I am too (who knows it could end as badly as my stand up …

My sweet Valentine

Ah, love. What a beautiful thing isn’t it? As many of you know yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a day where people wait for their secret lovers to send a love letter, where boyfriends stress about the perfect gift to give or the day that singletons (lol, me) despise. To be fair, Valentine has never been …

My sweet Valentine

Ah, love. What a beautiful thing isn’t it? As many of you know yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a day where people wait for their secret lovers to send a love letter, where boyfriends stress about the perfect gift to give or the day that singletons (lol, me) despise. To be fair, Valentine has never been a day that I particularly loved. It literally is a day where people show off that someone cares about them and yes, on the one hand, it is super cute, on the other very annoying and exhausting. In the end, the whole day is one commercial feast for shops, restaurants, and hotels, designed to make the lonely people feel even more lonely and a day to encourage all those in love to empty out there wallets. Yes, now I know what you are thinking, I’m just saying this because I am single (taking applications for possible boyfriends, by the way, wink wink) but no, that is not the reason while I do admit it may play a role. For me personally, I don’t want to receive gifts just because someone designed a day on which all those in relationships or possible relationships feel obliged to give something. I’d much rather prefer to be surprised on a random day with a rose (in my case a pink rose, applicants take notes). I expect to be shown that I am loved every day and not just a couple days a year.

With that said, my next issue with valentines is the idea that love and respect can be bought. Of course, I love to be surprised with roses, or even better chocolates now and then but to me that is not what love is about. Love is shown through respect, honesty, and trust. It is shown through the small gestures in a relationship, just simple gestures to let the person know that you care about them. If a relationship is based on the idea that you can buy someone’s love, then the relationship is doomed from the start. I’m not talking just about lovey-dovey relationships but also just in friendships and family. Of course, I did get my bestie a box of chocolates, guess that makes me a hypocrite, but our friendship is based on trust and respect and partially me judging her decisions in life. I show my love for her by being a listener, by helping her and by making sure she doesn’t do stupid things alone.

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Whenever I think of lonely people on Valentine’s Day I get this image of Bridget Jones, the scene where she spends her birthday getting drunk with the song “All by my self” playing in the background. I wonder whether that is the feeling that society is trying to get us lonely guys and gals to feel. It is another one of those wonderful norms of society that if we are alone, we are not good enough or that we are doing something wrong. Why is it so wrong to just crawl into bed, sip some wine with a box of chocolates and watch a rom-com alone? To be honest that sounds so appealing to me right now. If you don’t feel comfortable being alone now and then, then that says something about the love and respect you have for yourself. Self-love is about being comfortable with yourself and with who you are without needing the constant validation of others. The best validation is that of yourself and no matter how many likes or friends you have, it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t love yourself.

With that said, you are never alone. No, you may not currently have a lover, but you have your friends and family that love you and care about you and it is important to let them know that you love them too, not just on a day like Valentine but every day. Life is too short to do anything but love.

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Keep Smilin’

Yes, I know. This whole situation SUCKS. You probably had so many plans and goals that you wanted to achieve and now your stuck at home.You think of all the things you could have been doing, attending events and parties, working, attending class, meeting friends and family, going to the park and picnicking, shopping, etc. …

New Year, New Body

Happy New Year everyone! 2020, new year, new me. That’s what most people think at the start of a new year. So many new possibilities and opportunities to start fresh, to turn over a new leaf. A whole new year to achieve everything that you have always wanted to achieve. I strongly believe that one …

Tomorrow’s guest: Sophie Bickerton!

Hey everyone! Very happy to announce that tomorrow’s guest is none other than Sophie Bickerton! Make sure to tune in, this will definetly prove to be an amazing episode. As usual either on STAR Radio or on our Facebook page, on Saturday at 16:00.

Don’t Call Me a Slut

“In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.” -Cady, Mean Girls To quote the infamous movie Mean Girls: “In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes …