Why I will be voting for Joe Biden in November

Just in case some of you didn’t already know, I will be voting for former Vice President Joe Biden in this year’s US Presidential Election. I know, but before you all start to roll your eyes, please hear me out. I know that many readers aren’t Americans and won’t be voting in this election. Unfortunately, the decision to choose who next American President will be has far-reaching effects that will concern all of us.

             I have heard many people say that they will not vote for Joe Biden, and not just from Trump supporters. In fact, the fans of Bernie Sanders are the ones I hear the most frequently vow to never vote for Joe Biden. That is a dreadful error in my opinion. I will try to explain why I believe that is such a grave mistake by highlighting the huge differences between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on numerous political issues.

            However, I would first like to make it clear that despite my intention to vote for former Vice President Biden, I did not support him from the get-go. There was actually a moment during the Democratic primary when Joe Biden wasn’t just not my top choice, but he wasn’t my second top choice, nor my third or even my fourth. Full disclosure, Joe Biden is very far from perfect.

            I’d like to start by talking about some of Biden’s egregious behavior. While he was a great US Senator for most of his 30+ years on Capitol Hill, the 1994 Crime Bill that Biden wrote was a disaster. It resulted in mass incarceration and terrible prison overcrowding. That piece of legislation is part of the reason why a disproportionate number of minorities ended up behind bars. Joe Biden also voted to authorize the Iraq War, another decision of his that I think was a big mistake. And worst of all, Biden has also been accused by numerous women that he inappropriately touched them. He has even been accused of sexual assault by a former staffer named Tara Reade. While the Tara Reade allegation has not been proven, I do believe her. There is also no doubt that Joe Biden has been disgustingly tactile in the past. To just say that it is gross would be an understatement.

            So, believe me, I am very well aware that Joe Biden is deeply flawed in many ways. He is not the type of person I would let babysit my bother. Yet, even after taking into account all of his bad behavior and decisions, he is still the person I will be voting for. The reason why I am will do that is because the election is not Biden’s particular judgement. Biden is a Catholic, so the judging of his soul is his Maker’s job, not mine. As a voter, I have to choose the person that I believe will make the best President, and the alternative to Joe Biden is far inferior.

            The current US President, Donald J. Trump, is so insanely far worse than Joe Biden that it is terrifying. I wouldn’t blame you if you are a bit skeptical. Can Donald Trump really be so terrible that he makes Joe Biden seem like a saint? The answer, sadly, is yes.

            For starters, let me also give Joe Biden some credit where credit is due. He is extremely strong on gun control and has made it one of his campaign’s priorities to end the gun violence epidemic in the United States. In fact, Biden has promised to do more to end gun violence than Bernie Sanders, one of the Democratic candidates that I preferred over him. On the other hand, in the 2016 election, Donald Trump’s campaign received 30 million blood-stained dollars from the National Rifle Association. A country that sees 100 of its citizens on average die every day from gun violence desperately needs a President that will work to end that crisis. The United States needs Joe Biden. What we don’t need is 4 more years of Donald Trump to continue to accept NRA money, even though the deadliest mass shooting ever occurred during his Presidency. That is reason number one.

            Reason number two is health care. We are still dealing with the global coronavirus pandemic. It has been rough for all of us, but for many Americans it has been unimaginably harder than it has been for many Europeans. Unlike us in Belgium, many Americans don’t have health care, or they do, but their health care is inadequate and doesn’t cover everything that they need. One American in that situation is my aunt. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago and because of her diagnosis, she switched her health care plan which she pays for out of her own pocket, because she is self-employed. Switching her plan after the diagnosis resulted in her having to pay an extremely high premium. However, due to the disastrous American health care system her plan still doesn’t cover her cancer treatments! Can you believe that? That means that on top of what my aunt pays for her health care, she also pays for her cancer treatment out of her own pocket which has caused her to rack up thousands of dollars in medical bills. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t even end there. As a result of COVID-19, my aunt’s hospital stopped her cancer treatments. That didn’t happen here in Belgium! My aunt was left in a state of limbo, not knowing if her cancer had spread or if the treatments were working. Health care is not just a personal issue for me, but for millions of Americans.

            When Joe Biden was Vice President under Obama, he helped pass the Affordable Care Act, which was the most important American health care legislation since 1965. To paraphrase what Biden himself said to Barack Obama about the ACA, it was a big freaking deal.

Now, the Affordable Care Act is not perfect. It doesn’t cover everybody and for some, health care is still too expensive. Joe Biden recognizes that and has made it another campaign priority to further improve the health care system, so that it covers even more people. Personally, I support Medicare for All which was Bernie’s position, but at the end of the day both Biden and Bernie have the goal of making sure that more Americans have health insurance. Donald Trump wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, and replace it with nothing. The current President’s position results in less Americans having health care and it is simply not an acceptable stance.

            Another reason why we need to replace Donald Trump with Joe Biden in the White House, is because Trump is a threat to basic human rights whereas Joe Biden is a defender of them. Donald Trump has made it clear that he will nominate judges to the Supreme Court who would support overturning the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, which was the Supreme Court case that guaranteed the right to same-sex marriage throughout the county. President Trump has also used his time in office to ban transgender people from serving in the military. Joe Biden has promised to overturn that, writing on his campaign website that, “every American who is qualified to serve in our military should be able to do so—regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and without having to hide who they are.” We need a president that will defend LGBTQ+ rights. We need our next president to be named Joe Biden.

            These are just three of the countless reasons why Joe Biden will make a far better president than Donald Trump. There are so many more reasons that I just don’t have time to write about. Abortion, criminal justice reform, and campaign finance reform are all other very important issues that Biden is far stronger on compared to Donald Trump. That is why when I get to exercise my right to vote for the first time on November 3rd, 2020, I will be voting for former Vice President and future President, Joe Biden.

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