Marooned – The Lockdown

We’re back for our second installment of Marooned! Today I plan to tell the tale of the islands experience amongst the growing pandemic.

Following the return of many Manx residents to the Isle of Man it was proved that even quite a remote place such as ours would not be spared from the effects of Covid-19. Soon a handful of cases began to emerge posing a serious threat to the elderly population. Furthermore this risk was compounded by the limited hospital capacity inherent on a small island. During normal times many of the most serious illnesses require transfering to Liverpool for treatment. However, with the implementation of Emergency powers the unimaginable act of a total border closure was introduced in order to prevent spread from the UK and Ireland. This decision left some residents stranded abroad, effectively cancelled the 2020 Isle of Man TT and reflected the seriousness of the threat posed by the pandemic. There were the odd exemption to the border closure such as essential workers for the islands functioning but the measure had a more symbolic meaning – that we are in this together and as an Island must come together. This notion was repeated at the daily press conferences now being held by the Isle of Man Chief Minister who slowly took on celebrity like status. Nonetheless, community transmission persisted on the Isle of Man neccesitating a lockdown in parallel to that seen across the UK. The situation appeared bleak but through a strict adherance to the lockdown the tide slowly turned and the number of cases failed to reach anywhere near the projections issued by the government. As for most this period which lasted roughly six weeks was by far the toughest of the coronavirus saga yet. The daily excercise would provide a limited opportunity to unwind but the desire to meet people again in person became greater by the day. Nonetheless, with the situation improving and the number of active cases on a steep downwards trajectory there was significant reason for optimism!

Keep your eye out for the next installment of Marooned coming soon!

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