Keep Smilin’

Yes, I know. This whole situation SUCKS. You probably had so many plans and goals that you wanted to achieve and now your stuck at home.You think of all the things you could have been doing, attending events and parties, working, attending class, meeting friends and family, going to the park and picnicking, shopping, etc. Reality is that if this is what you’re thinking and complaining about, your lucky. If I’m completely honest, I am this person who is complaining while I really shouldn’t be. In this moment in time I should simply be happy with the fact that I am blessed to be healthy, that my family is healthy and that I do not need to be worried financially. 

I am however also aware that for millions this is not the case. COVID-19 is destroying so many lives whether this is through death, financial struggles or mental and physical health. I am aware that for some, home is not safer than going outside and that many are in situations of which they feel they cannot escape. For those people, stay strong, stay positive and remember that everything will be alright in the end.  I know that it is even a privilege to think like that but I truly believe that one must stay hopeful and to keep smiling because that is really all we can do in this moment time. It is important to keep going on with your life as much as possible, do not break the routines you have built. Go outside if you can ( make sure to keep your distance from others) or sit in the garden, balcony or at your window. Do a workout, try a new recipe, dance ( check out for free live dance classes), sing and laugh. Get TikTok ( I know, probably bad advice but it truly helps pass the time and can make you smile). If your with your family, spend time with them and remember how precious they are. Get creative, write, paint, read or learn a new skill. For those who do not know check it out, you can follow classes from top universities for free and for a fee get a certificate, so never stop learning and educating yourself.  

What ever you do, don’t sit around the house moping, do something. We all have off days where all we want to do is watch Netflix, which is completely fine, but do not let yourself fall into the dip. For many this is easy to fall into, me included. Remember that for everything bad, there is an upside. Feeling lonely? FaceTime that friend you have always meant to call but never did. Feeling sad? Now is the time to start journalling and write the songs you always wanted to but never had the time for. Feeling stuck in a bad situation? Find help and know there is no shame in it. Feeling bored? Get creative. Feeling angry? I understand but think about all the good things that are happening. The planet for one is thriving at the moment, more respect is being given to jobs that have often been looked down upon like your postman and your supermarket cashier and remember, we are all in this together. In our separation, we in many ways are being brought together, to work together so we can fight this virus and return to normal life. Simply be happy that your alive and that we only have this one life. 

Keep Smilin’!!!

Lastly, I just want to thank all those who are working night and day, who continue to put their lives at risk. We thank you for your services so that we can live. 
Stay strong, stay hopeful, (stay home!) and keep smilin’!

How are you spending your time at home? Comment down below your stories, photos and opinions or use the #lapetiteboss. You can contact me through my social medias, @AltchiAltchi or via my email,

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There is nothing more powerful than when you have learned to love yourself. Accepting myself, finding out who I am and surrounding myself with positivity is a journey, a process that I too am currently on. One of my favourite quotes is that of the one and only, Coco Chanel; "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself" and she couldn't be more right. However, it isn't always easy. We encounter hurdles everyday, sexism, mental health issues, fashion faux-pas, and so forth, but don't worry because I am here! For all my readers who want to learn how to love themselves, then this is the page for you! As a fashion addict, feminist and a lover of anything pink and sparkly, I will be posting about a range of topics ranging from the latest trends on the catwalks, to the most shocking news in feminism. And I want to hear your voices too! Email me with questions, comments or suggestions at or use the instagram #lapetiteboss !

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