Looking like a million dollars (but on a budget)

 For anyone who knows me, they will say that I have an addiction when it comes to clothes. I of course have no clue what they are talking about, but I do love a good shopping spree and admiring the fashion kings and queens that walk this earth . I can’t help it, its in my blood! Both my parents adore shopping and dressing up so it really is no surprise that I turned out the way I did.

However, it comes at a price. My wallet often suffers and being a student, I live life broke. I never know where my money goes but hey, its worth it. Therefore, to further fuel my addiction, I have discovered new ways of shopping. I can’t say that I “discovered” new ways of shopping as they have always existed, but I am bringing the attention back to some of the forgotten tips and tricks that we especially as students need. 


This seems like an obvious one but sales is an easy way to save money. Most shops and online stores have all year round sales and because I am a cheapskate I usally just buy things from the sale section. I rarely pay the full price for my items because one, I’m broke, two, I’m cheap and thirdly, when buying from brands like h&m, zara, forever 21 etc., these items were made for very low costs and the prices usually are higher than they should be, so I just am not prepared to pay the full price when I know that in a couple weeks it will be half the price.

Raid your parents closet

You’d be surprised what your parents have but trust me, you should have dig in their closets because they will have things that now are back in fashion. I am fortunate that my mother has always had a pretty good sense of fashion and, while she is much taller than me, I have somehow figured ways to style her clothes to my liking. Not to forget, fashion always repeats itself. Those flared jeans that were so stylish in the 70’s have made a comeback, or what about skater skirts which are modern versions of the petticoat skirts?  Trust me, go have a look, because not only will the clothes be happy to be worn again, but out of experience, you will always get tons of compliments on your old school outfits.

Dress from my wonderful mother and belt and bag from my grandmother

Thrift stores, kilo stores and charity shops… the new heaven 

Out of experience, I can tell you that thrift stores and charity shops have become the new playground for shopaholics like me. These are the easiest ways to save money and still find the most amazing things. Of course, some energy and determination is needed to take the effort to dig into the boxes and fight the overflowing clothing rails but usually you are rewarded. And sometimes you can be really lucky. I for one have had some very lucky finds, a Burberry skirt for 16 euros, a blazer from scotch and soda for 10 euros, a party dress for 4 euros and even a prom dress for 86 euros(which actually used to be like 300 euros) and well I could continue but then I would just be bragging. More appreciation should be brought to thrift stores, kilo stores and charity stores as they will save you money and even the planet as we learn to recycle clothes more.  

Tip: Don’ be afraid to go to the opposite genders clothing section because as we know, gender is a construct and clothing tends to enforce it. i personally love looking in the mens section, especially when it comes to finding oversized t-shirts and graphic t-shirts.

Pants thrifted, top (again) from my wonderful mother

Social Media and Apps to the rescue 

There today are multiple apps in which we can easily sell and buy second hand clothing through apps and save our coins while still looking stylish AF. An example of this would be Depop. Now I’ll be honest, I haven’t used the app yet as sadly enough it is mostly based in the UK and not in The Netherlands, where I live. However, if you are in that area or happen to be in America, where like minded apps exist, your life will be so much easier, or at least the life of your wallet. It will also save your closet as I can say that currently, I am having a clothing epidemic as I just have too much stuff. So these apps also make sure that you can get rid of clothes you dont wear and make room for new clothes! Depending in your area, maybe with some research, a similar app exists where you live and for all you fellow dutch readers, if you do know of one comment down below and help a shopaholic out. 

Online shopping…

Many of us have experienced the late night shopping benders, filling up our carts with everything we wish and desire to have, only have those dreams shattered by the shocking bill at the end. Yes, I can just imagine all you readers just nodding your head and dreaming of all the things we wished we had. Its a sad truth BUT luckily after this article you’ll know all the tips and tricks and with this last one, I will also save you from the ridiculous bills at the end of late night shopping benders.  Of late, the craziest rage has been online stores such as Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Things, Misguided and so on. They are all popular stores that often have cute things which have somewhat of a decent price. Now for some, this still is too expensive, so let me introduce you to Shein. Shein too is a similar store but is even cheaper! Yes you read right, CHEAPER! Of course I’ll be honest, the quality isn’t always amazing (can’t be for the price you pay) so I advice reading the comments always to see what people have said but if you don’t mind clothes that only last for one season, then this is for you.  I have bought stuff there in the past and have 90% of the time been happy with what I got. Some failed items did make it to my garbage bin but that is little compared to the items that till this day, I still enjoy wearing. Read the comments, and stay away from jeans but otherwise go wild and you’ll be amazed with the cute and cheap stuff you’ll find. 

P.S. Also check sizing ALWAYS    

Well these are some of my tips and tricks that I use frequently and well they have never failed me and even better, saved me hundreds as a shopaholic! Comment down below or use the hashtag #lapetiteboss with your tips and tricks.  

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